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iam is not just here to provide people with a better way to bank, but to help people bank better, and live better as a result …

May 16, 2017

Millennials – a generation of rent, student debt, and no savings

By Lee Travers The millennial generation is the biggest in history, eclipsing that of the baby boomers. Goldman Sachs research…


April 4, 2017

Is it time to play your own ‘gig’?

The gig economy is growing at a rapid speed. Could self-employment be the way forward? By Lee Travers Growing up…


March 6, 2017

Money on the Mind

Why keeping up with the Joneses is costing more than we think! By Lee Travers Following on from my post…


February 17, 2017

When did the world of finance lose its moral compass?

Anybody can be there when it’s going right, but what about when it’s going wrong? By Lee Travers Most of…


December 19, 2016

Notes from an Entrepreneur Part 3

By Lee Travers In my first posting in this series, I spoke about ideas, and how one doesn’t necessarily need…


December 12, 2016

Notes from an Entrepreneur – Part 2

By Lee Travers Last week I gave you my insight into what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and hopefully…


July 15, 2016

Notes from an Entrepreneur – Part 1

By Lee Travers “Don’t take a job; create one instead” In November we celebrated Global Entrepreneur Week, as we do…


August 10, 2015

Seven key financial needs of millennials

Innovation does not have to be dramatic, simply understanding the desires and needs of the world around you will suffice.…


July 16, 2015

The intersection of digital identity and KYC

Traditional KYC is an old process operating in a digitising world. Accurately identifying a customer and keeping that information current…